As the Office of the Inspector General and Centers for Medicare Medicaid Services make self-disclosure easier for providers, we have noticed an increase in the rate of cases that are being filed.  Assisting providers in making decisions whether to self-disclose, conducting internal investigations, and guiding the self-disclosure process when appropriate has become a large part of our compliance practice.  Here are just a few of the articles and other resources we have released regarding self-disclosure issues:

Exercising Reasonable Care to Identify and Address Potential Overpayments

Criminal Exposure for Failing to Repay Known Overpayment

When to Use the OIG’s Self-Disclosure Protocols

Excluded Party Cases Dominate OIG Published Self-Disclosure Settlements

Self-Disclosure Process – Voluntary Self-Disclosure Decisions are not Always Easy

When Does An Overpayment Become Fraud? How Simple Inattention Can Expose You to Penalties for Fraudulent Activities

Provider Self-Disclosure Decisions – Voluntary Disclosure Process

Provider Self-Disclosure Process

For more information on the self-disclosure process and legal updates impacting this process, please check this blog for new posts.

Source: Blue Ink Blog